Machinery Storage Steel Building for Shiplake College

Sharp and Strong have completed a new  Machinery Storage Steel Building for Shiplake College in Berkshire.   This building is purely for the purpose of storing machinery, tractors etc. on the College’s campus.

Machinery Storage Steel Building

  • 10.6 meters wide x 12.6 meters and 3.3 meters to the eaves with a 12 degree pitch
  • 3 x Industrial chain operated roller shutters
  • 1 personal access security door with a panic bar
  • Roof lights

In addition, the  steel building has  40mm  composite  insulated roof and  40mm composite  insulated walls in Juniper Green cladding.

You’ll be reassured to know that we use Kingspan cladding, which carries the relative fire test accreditation and certification, which many suppliers don’t have.

Kingspan 40mm composite is a good choice as it prevents condensation and  is secure.  Inn addition, it has a 60 minute burn time, should there be any fire walls conditions, in terms of proximity to other buildings, your boundary, roads or footpaths.

Machinery Storage Steel Building

Machinery Storage Steel Building – internal view

A team of our erectors started on site after the groundworks had been completed.  It only took our erectors 6 days from start to finish to complete this steel building in Shiplake.

Advantages of Steel Buildings

  1. Most Cost Effective – Steel buildings are much more affordable than other, more traditional building varieties. Consequently, this is  perfect for the educational sector, where institutions are often required to operate on extremely tight budgets.
  1. Speed of Service – Steel buildings are easy to transport and can be assembled quickly with minimum disruption.
  1. Extensive Choice – We offer a range of cladding options to provide as much insulation or fire resistance as is required. We even offer a choice of colours, enabling schools and colleges to install buildings that match their existing structures.
  1. Total Flexibility – If space is an issue, or if a standalone building is not required, we can simply help you to expand your current facilities. We can design lean-to’s to connect new structures to existing structures.
Machinery Storage Steel Building

Machinery Storage Steel Building – external view

Finally, if you would like help with your new steel building or extension to your existing building then please do contact us for a FREE quote.

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10 Reasons for Buying a Steel Framed Building

Perhaps you or someone you know is looking for  a new building? Here are 10 Reasons for buying a steel framed building and why it is the best option.

Steel Warehouse

Steel Warehouse

  1. Interior and Exterior Design

Will a metal building look the way you imagine it to be? Yes, just imagine the interior and exterior design of your building. Whatever the design you want, a metal building can provide a solution to that.

  1. Fast Construction

The building components are already prefabricated based from the design and to fit each part with other building parts. They just need to be connected together which makes it faster and easier to construct. The sooner the building constructed is done, the faster the building can be used resulting in a faster return of investment for you.

  1. Economical

Did you know that steel is one of the most recycled materials in the World?  There is virtually zero waste from the construction materials. Even if there is, the metal waste from production and construction can all be recycled.

  1. Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of metal buildings is easier and lesser than that of buildings made up of other materials. The structure will last for years since it is made of a strong material which is steel. The design of the building and the coating of the steel, like in roofs and walls, are made to resist and wash itself from dirt and dust.

  1. Sustainable 

As already mentioned, Steel is a recyclable material, therefore metal buildings are sustaiable structures which means that something can be used without being completely used up or destroyed. There is no waste in the construction process because all of those which are not used can be recycled back.

  1. Flexibility – Ease of Modification, Expansion and Repair 

Metal buildings are flexible depending upon building needs and purposes.  If there is a need for building expansion, metal buildings also offer ease in adding new building components. Above all, repairs are also easier since the parts or components can be replaced with new ones.

  1. High Performance and Durable

Buildings constructed with steel are designed for long term use. The steel components are manufactured and fabricated according to high performance standards. The coating of steel components enhances its life cycle and is designed to make the building endure and withstand changing weather conditions.

  1. Energy Efficient

The insulation in metal building components can help regulate the heat and temperature inside the building. The design of metal buildings, especially in its roofs can also help circulate air and regulate temperature. These things can help save the energy cost for building operations.

  1. Resistance to Fire, Molds, Termites and Mildews

Metal buildings are resistant to molds, termites and mildews. These are all problems in wooden buildings. Fire resistance are also achieved in metal buildings through the use of proper coating of steel components. These give additional value and worth to metal buildings.

  1. One Contractor 

Finally, metal building construction can be done by a single contractor or company.  This makes it easier to communicate and monitor the progress from the materials and the construction of the building.

Now, let us know of your building plans and we can get the work done.

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Steel Building Workshops for the Vehicle Industry

Sharp and Strong have been designing and installing pre-fabricated steel workshops for the vehicle industry for many years.   We can provide a fit for purpose steel building to meet all your requirements.

We have supplied and erected steel buildings for MOT test bays, paint spray shops, valeting bays, vehicle servicing garages and HGV MOT centres.

Whether your business is large or small we can design the ideal solution for you to meet your specific requirements. These can be individual stand – alone buildings or blocks of commercial units.

Steel Garage MOT Centre

Steel Garage MOT Centre

Benefits of Prefabricated Workshops

With our extensive range of accessories including roller shutter doors, windows, mezzanine floors, cladding options and windows, our prefabricated steel buildings can be adapted to suit your industry: –

  • Production workshops
  • Engineering workshops
  • Vehicle servicing stations
  • MOT bays
  • Paint spray shops
  • Valeting bays

The biggest benefit of having a steel workshop is that they are  an environmentally friendly option compared to wood or brick.  Being lightweight the transportation of them is easy as is the erecting time and there is little to no maintenance  to be carried out.

I you would like to get a FREE quote for your new prefabricated workshop that will meet all your requirements then get in contact with us on 0800 328 5247 or email us at




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Steel: The Most Cost Effective Material for Steel Buildings

Steel – The most cost effective material for steel buildings and the most cost efficient way to build a structure.

In construction projects, every pound counts, and steel has many unique benefits that put it ahead of other building materials in the short term as well as the long term. Learn more in this blog post on why it is so cost-effective.

Using Pre fabricated steel is the simplest way to save money!

We all know that cost is  more than the price of materials – its time and effort to put the building project together!

When pre-fabricated steel buildings are assembled in the factory, not only do you save on labour, you can be sure that all of the parts will work together perfectly.  By choosing pre-fabricated steel you can save a lot of money, and in addition there is less waste of materials on site.

You only pay for what you need. It’s an all-in-one solution.

Low Upkeep Costs For Future Cost-Effective Decisions

Steel is incredibly durable and it can put up with natural disasters far better than the alternatives, such as wood which will expand, warp and rot!  Termites can also eat away at wood.  With a steel structure you will not get rot, warping or expanding!  Therefore, steel is the perfect material for building your new office premises, workshop, industrial building, warehouse or garage.

The cost of steel gets even lower when you consider that steel is cost-effective in regards to its energy usage. Reflective metal structures reflect solar heat, keeping a building cool all-year round.

Steel buildings are the right choice for your new building project:

  • Prefabrication speeds up assembly, ensures quality, and reduces waste
  • Steel is long-lasting, and weather resistant
  • Custom steel structures give you the perfect building layout for your needs

Need more space?  Want to increase your existing building?  No problem, steel is flexible and modular and this give you the freedom to add onto your existing steel structure at a later stage when you need more space.




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Steel Building for Golf Club in Oxfordshire

We have just completed a large full turnkey project for our Client at Feldon Valley Golf Club in Oxfordshire.  We were asked to tender for this large project, which was to provide the Greenkeepers a welfare facility.

Steel Framed Building

New Greenkeepers Building at Feldon Valley Golf Club

The full turn key project we undertook included groundworks, erecting the steel building, wood cladding the outside of the steel building, full internal fit out, electrics, plumbing, fowl and sewage works and landscaping.

The project was started in January 2017 with the removal of trees, bushes and shrubbery to make way for the grondworks team to come onto site to put in the foundations for the steel building.

By February the steel frame building was being erected by our team of erectors.   The building is 7.4 metres wide x 28 metres long and 3.4 metres to the eaves and over clad with wood.  Included are 2 x roller shutter doors, 4 x personal access doors and aluminum windows.    The internal fit out included a kitchen/dinning area, laundry area, shower room, toilet and disabled toilet.

On 31st March 2017 the building was completed and handed over to the client, which was on time and within budget!

It was a great project to work on and the client was extremely pleased with the finished building and as an extra bonus to the client a cake of the actual building was commissioned to give to the client.

Due to new legislation on staff welfare it is advised that all Golf Course owners have to ensure adequate provision for staff on site and there is more information on the blog here.

If you would like further information on our Full Turnkey Package and what we can offer you please do get in touch with us on 0800 328 5247.


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How to Get your Steel Building in 3 Stages

You want to get moved into your new steel framed building quickly, as simply and painlessly as possible- so here are the key stages:-

didcot building

Stage 1: Your building

Our buildings are tailored to your needs.   If you have got a specific purpose for your steel building it is our job to design a building suitable for your needs and fit for purpose.

We will need to ask you questions about what you need from your building; these will include

  • Size (length and width)
  • Height
  • Doors (number of and size)
  • Use of building

You will also need to think about the building installation at this stage, does it need to be insulated?

When we have got all the information we need, we are then able to quote you based on your individual requirements. Click here for a free quote

Stage 2Planning permission

Once we have designed your building we can provide technical drawings of the proposed building for planning permission (these may be chargeable).

We have a consultant whom we work closely with to obtain your planning permission and building control if you would like us to.


Stage 3: Installation

Option 1: Supply only

For the experienced DIYer, smaller self build projects or builder.

Option 2: Full turnkey package

We can take care of the complete project, including the groundworks,  footings, installing your new steel framed building, concrete floors, plant hire and scaffolding.

Our in house team of ground workers and erectors will fully install your new building from footings, compacted hardcore bases, service trenches, concrete floors and building erecting.

Option 3: Building installation only

We supply the building and professionally install it and you employ different contractors for each stage of the build.



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New Staff Welfare Steel Building for Golf Course in Oxfordshire

It is advised that all Golf Course owners have to ensure adequate provision for staff welfare  on site!

The general requirements for the provision of staff welfare facilities are contained in the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and the accompanying Approved Code of Practice (available from HSE Books).

Many staff welfare facilities are located within a main storage building and the specific requirements below will need careful consideration to ensure your greenkeepers welfare facility is in compliance with these Regulations.

  • Windows for natural light and ventilation
  • Doors and gates
  • Sanitary conveniences and washing facilities
  • Drinking water
  • Accommodation for clothing and facilities for changing
  • Facilities for rest and to eat meals

So, what better way of protecting your staff and giving them what they need on site with building a New Steel Framed Building.

We are in the process of building such a unit for the Feldon Valley Golf Course in Braille.  It is a full turn key project including groundworks, erecting the steel building, wood cladding the outside of the steel building, full internal fit  out, electrics, plumbing, fowl and sewage works and landscaping.

Example of Steel Framed Building for Golf Course

Example of Steel Framed Building for Golf Course

The project is going to take 3 months to complete and we have been on site since the first week in January.

This is were we are now with the project, which is progressing very well and on time!   The building has now been over-clad with wood and the aluminium doors and windows have now been installed.

Steel Building in Progress

Steel Building in Progress








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Building Control – Do you need it for a Steel Building?

The simple answer is YES in most cases!  However, it is always best to check with your local authority to make sure.  But as a general guide this may help you.

When you need approval

When you are planning on your steel building project, it is very important that you understand the building regulatory system and if it will apply to your project.

Steel Building Planning Apllications

Building Control

However, generally if you are planning to carry out ‘building work’ as defined in regulation 3 of the building regulations, then it must comply with the building regulations. This means that the regulations will probably apply if you want to:

  • Put up a new steel building
  • Extend or alter an existing steel building
  • Provide services and/or fittings in a building such as washing and sanitary facilities, hot water cylinders, foul water and rainwater drainage, replacement windows, and fuel burning appliances of any type.

They may also apply to certain changes of use of an existing building. This is because the change of use may result in the building as a whole no longer complying with the requirements which will apply to its new type of use, and so having to be up-graded to meet additional requirements specified in the regulations for which building work may also be required.

When you don’t need approval

Some kinds of steel building projects are exempt from building control:

  • Building not frequented by people .i.e storage units
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Stand-alone buildings other than dwellings with a total useful floor area of less than 50m²

You should bear in mind that if you are the owner of the building, it is ultimately you who may be served with an enforcement notice if the work does not comply with the regulations.

In summary

The following types of project amount to ‘building work’:

  • The erection or extension of a building
  • The installation or extension of a service or fitting which is controlled under the regulations
  • An alteration project involving work which will temporarily or permanently affect the ongoing compliance of the building, service or fitting with the requirements relating to structure, fire, or access to and use of buildings
  • The insertion of insulation into a cavity wall
  • The underpinning of the foundations of a building
  • Work affecting the thermal elements, energy status or energy performance of a building.

We cannot stress enough that before commencing work you should refer to Regulation 3 of the Building Regulations for the full meaning of ‘building work’ or, if you are unsure, seek advice.


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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Steel Building

3 Mistakes to avoid when buying a steel building. People often fail at doing their homework when wanting a steel building!  Careful thought and research  make the purchasing of a steel building much more enjoyable and cost saving.


A lot of people get the idea that they would like a steel building and do not first take the time to investigate exactly what they require.  A ‘ballpark’ figure is what most people ask for, however there are so many variables that will effect the price of the steel building and this makes it very difficult to give an estimated cost.

You cannot receive an accurate quote until you clearly define how much building you require. Focus on your exact needs first.

There are some questions that you should ask yourself before speaking to a steel framed building supplier:-

  • What is the purpose for the building?
  • How much total space do I need now?
  • What physical dimensions fit my requirements?  i.e width length and height
  • Do I want a gable or a sloped roof? 
  • How many opening doors, and widows do I want? What size do they need to be?  Where do I need to place them? 
  • Does my building need insulation?
  • What other options do I want to include?


Before planing your new steel building you have to have enough space to build it.  The shape and size of the land you have will determine what size building you can fit on it.

There may be a possibility of future expansion that needs to be considered too.


Never assume your building does not need planning permission or building control!

You cannot put up a building anywhere you like, even when you already own the property. Building regulations are strict and non-negotiable.

It is advisable before you start planning your building that you first speak to your local planning office to get their advise.

Steel Building Planning Apllications

Planning Applications

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Did you know a steel building could slash insurance premiums?

Did you know a steel building could slash your insurance premiums?  There are many benefits of building with steel:-

  • quick construction
  • endless design options
  • increased energy efficiency
  • very low maintenance

However, there is one benefit that is less advertised advantage of cold rolled steel buildings is insurance companies love them!  Yes it is true, by choosing to build with steel you could save on your insurance premiums!!

So why can your insurance by cheaper?

This is due to the fact that Insurance companies recognise that steel buildings are incredibly resistant to fire as opposed to say a wooden shed.  The steel frame will hold up longer in a fire than timber or masonry bearing walls.

A typical prefabricated steel building is rated as Non Combustible Class 3 or 4, however with a few design features to make the building more fire resistance a steel building can easily rate at a Modified Fire Resistive or Fire Resistive Class 5 or 6.

While insurance companies prefer the aforementioned benefits of steel the actual cost savings will vary from one building to the next. Other factors such as the use of the building and its surroundings can also greatly affect the buildings premiums.

Steel Warehouse

Steel Warehouse

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