Prefabricated Steel Buildings – Are they the Best?

If you are looking at expanding your current business or starting a new business you are going to need space!  Are you thinking about renting? This can be a very expensive option in the long run.  Or would you rather invest in your own building premises?  You could have your own custom designed, prefabricated steel building that is fit for purpose.

Building your own steel building is the most cost effective  option, it gives you flexibility to suit your business.  You can have it designed to meet your own specifications, deciding where to put the doors, windows and roller shutters and choosing the colour of the cladding!

Steel Framed Building
Steel Framed Building

Let’s have a quick look at some of the benefits of this option:-



Renting can be a very expensive option and the rent could also increase over time or the owner could sell the property.   With buying your own steel building you will have one outlay at the start and it will be completely bespoke to your retirements.

Steel buildings are cheaper than most other structures, much easier and quicker to erect and  saving you money all round whilst avoiding the fluctuation in renting costs.  We can provide free quotes with various options!



The other downside of renting is it limits the flexibility of your business as it grows!  Choosing one of our steel buildings for your business can provide a more customized and flexibly experience, allowing your to start with the exact size building you require and having the option to expand at any point in the future.



The location of your business is a very important factor.  You may find a property to rent but the location just is not suitable for your requirements.  Another reason to invest in your own prefabricated  steel building for your business as you can have it in any location you choose to suit your business needs.

Have you been convinced yet to purchase your very own prefabricated steel building for your business?  Why not give us a call to discuss further on 0800 328 5247.  There are plenty more reasons that Sharp and Strong Ltd can help you and your business.


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