4 Myths about Steel Buildings

5 Myths about steel buildings you should know!

Steel Buildings are  strong and versatile.  With steel being an extremely popular material to build in these days, there seems to be some negative myths about building in steel that are not correct.  Before you dismiss using steel  for your next construction project take a look at these facts before you pass on the opportunity to build in the perfect material.

1. Steel buildings can’t look good

Photographs of old, rundown industrial buildings don’t look good  I agree with that, however, steel is one of the most popular versatile materials to build with.  It can be shaped and made to your specific requirements.   The use of windows and coloured cladding can turn a boring steel building into a smart, amazing looking building!

didcot building

2. Steel buildings are noisy

So yes, hitting a single piece of steel will make a noise! However, an insulated steel building is much quieter than most people think.

Even the clattering sound of hail or rain is mostly muted when a steel building has insulated roof cladding.

3. Steel buildings cost too much

The upfront costs of steel buildings is sometimes higher than those of other materials; this leads people to believe that steel is too expensive as a building material.

However, even when it is more expensive initially, a steel building actually saves its owner a lot of money in the long run.  Steel buildings require very low maintenance and very few repairs.  They are also much quicker to erect than most other materials again saving the owner additional labour costs.

4. Steel buildings will melt too easily

We’re not sure where this myth started, but it definitely makes the least sense out of all of the myths on this list.

Steel has a melting point of about 2,500 degrees F. This means that few heat sources that will ever assault a steel building will phase it.

Steel is an excellent material for your next building; don’t let a falsehood cause you to make the wrong decision

Steel buildings are strong, flexible, energy efficient, beautiful and will save you a lot of maintenance costs in the long run. Before you let any other myths about steel buildings turn you in the wrong direction, do your homework first.

Speak to us about your next steel building project on 0800 328 5247.


  1. Steel is one of the premier green materials to build with. It is strong, versatile, and will last for a long time. I think it is a great choice for any business to use. Great information, thanks for sharing!

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