Insulating a Steel Framed Building – Everything you need to know

Insulating a Steel Framed Building – Everything you need to know!  Insulation is a key component when deciding what sort of steel building you are wanting.    Let me help you decide whether your new steel building should be insulated or not.

So, what does insulating a steel framed building mean?  Insulation is the key to keeping your new building’s interior comfortable and moist free.  The insulation will also buffer sound transmission – both from the outside in, to the sound of machinery, voices etc, created inside the building.

Does My Steel Building Need Insulation?

The answer in most cases is yes.  If you are designing a steel building as an office, school structure or any other facility where there will be human occupants your building will have to be insulated.

Composite (Insulated) Panel for Steel Buildings

Composite (Insulated) Panel for Steel Buildings

The Government guide is 100mm thickness on the walls and 120mm thickness on the roof, which is the minimum requirement at the moment.   Even workshops, warehouses and auto centres can benefit from insulation.

Composite Cladding (Insulated) 

Composite Cladding panels are insulated steel cladding which consist of two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation.  These can be used for wall panels and roof panels  for steel buildings.   The system includes a comprehensive range of guttering, flashings, sealants and rooflights   and provides a rapid coverage and swift completion of a weatherproof building envelope to give a high performance building.

The composite panels are manufactured in a quality process using non-ozone depleting technology. This provides designers with an environmentally responsible product with excellent thermal performance and a predicted service life of 40 years.   They also come in a range of colours and different thicknesses.


Single Skin Cladding 

Single-Skin Steel Cladding is used in a wide range of buildings and situations but in general is used for residential garages and storage purposes only.  The standard thickness of single skin cladding is 0.5mm on the walls and 0.7mm on the roof.

These panels  can  also have an anti-condensation lining in the roof and also come in a variety of colours.

If you would like more help with deciding whether you need to have insulation on your new steel framed building then contact us now on 0800 328 5247.


About Sharp and Strong

I am a Director of Sharp and Strong Steel Buildings. I run this with my husband Jonathan Bradley and have been doing so for the past 7 years. As a firmly established business, our family owned business takes care of all affiliated construction services to ensure that steel buildings are built fit for purpose. We pride ourselves on providing a dedicated service from planning approval, groundworks and drainage, supply & fix of the steel frame and cladding and internal fit-outs. You will want your transaction to be efficient, well organised and sufficient communication to get it to you on time and on budget.
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