3 Tips on making your New Steel Building Look Better

When we think of steel, we think boring! BUT, you can transform a steel building into a beautiful work of art!  And here are 3 tips on making your steel building look better.

1.       Add colour 

Colour can make or break the appearance of the building. From slate grey and dark blue, to red, yellow and pink!!  Yes you can get a Pink steel building!!!  There is a wide range of colours  that you can use depending on where you are building your new steel building.

As an example, a building that is in the middle of a field is going to look better being green or brown to blend in with the surroundings.    But for an Industrial  steel building maybe use a colour such as goosewing grey  or a black.  You could also use a different colour trim such as Ocean Blue of Poppy Red as in these examples.


2.       Choose the right roof style

Your building can look very different depending on how the roof looks thus, make sure to select the one that fits your building’s design and meets your particular requirements and fits in with other buildings in the local area.   So, what are the choices for steel buildings?

There are basically two styles you can use for your steel building – mono sloped or pitched roof and I have explained the difference between these in a recent blog – check it out here Which roof style will you decide for your new Steel Building?

Mono sloped steel building
Mono sloped steel building

Steel building roofing materials come in various finishes and colours and thickness of insulation too.  So choose the one that is most suitable for your construction project and one that meets with planning approval.

3.       Change the style of doors and windows

Adding windows and doors can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building and doing this at the planning stages will spare you time and money in the future from making major changes to the structure.

You can use roller shutter doors, glazed doors, Upvc windows, steel doors and even  these come in a variety of  colours as with the trims above.

Applying these tips will definitely make any commercial, residential or industrial steel building look more visually appealing.

If you would like any further information on steel buildings, please call us now on 0800 328 5247 or email at info@sharpandstrong.com




  1. Thanks for the interesting article about steel buildings. I didn’t know that simply having roller shutter doors could help enhance the appeal of the building. Perhaps it could be good to see different options on other buildings to try to figure out how it could look on your building.

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