What does your steel building quotation mean?

What does your steel building quotation mean?  Well, in most cases it is fairly easy to understand it will give you the Steel building information about sizes and the price – easy yes?  No, what about the jargon that goes into the quote, well here is an explanation for you.

Building Width : the measurement from one side of the building (at the gable end) to the other.

Building Eaves Height : this is the measurement from the ground level to the point  where the wall meets the roof.

Building Length : the measurement from one side of the building to the other along the front elevation.

Column centres : the distance between vertical columns used to support the building along the front elevation.

Number of bays : this is the division of the building usually the front elevation and it determines the column centres.

Cladding : this is the material that forms the outer shell of your building.  The choices of cladding are as follows:-

  • Single skin cladding : box profile sheet steel with a plastisol coating applied to the outer side which is available in varying thicknesses to suit your building use. Single skin roof cladding can have an anti-condensation barrier applied to the inner side of the panel if required.
  • Composite cladding :  insulated steel cladding consist of two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation. Composite cladding is available in varying thickness depending on the use of the building to enable it to comply with Building Regulations.  It can also be used to create a fire boundary.

Skylights : transparent profiled panels which are fitted between the regular roof cladding to allow natural light into the building.

Doors: These consist of:-

  • Roller shutters these are made based on the individual requirements. We have roller doors with chain hoist manual operation or electric operation with single or three phase motors.
  • Personal access doors  have two vertical steel reinforcements in the interior of the door to boost both strength and security. Also the door frame has 6 jacking bolts allowing it to be installed quick and easy fix.  These doors can also be fitted with a panic bar if to be used a a Fire door.

I hope that this helped you explain your steel building quotation but if you need help then please do contact us at www.sharpandstrong.co.uk


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