Which roof style will you decide for your new Steel Building?

Which roof style will you decide for your new Steel Building?  Are you in the process of designing or building a new steel framed building? If so, chances are you are considering one of the two most popular roof types – pitched or mono sloped (flat).

Pitched Roofs:

Pitched Roof
Pitched Roof

These are easily recognized by their triangular  shape and are the most popular roof style in steel buildings.


  • Pitched roofs will easily shed water and snow
  • provide more space for an attic or vaulted ceilings
  • allow more ventilation.


  • Extremely High winds can  cause materials to peel away from pitched roofs.
Mono Sloped Roof
Mono Sloped Roof

Mono sloped (flat) Roofs:

As the name suggests,there is a usually a slight slope from the front to the back of the steel building with a 6 degree pitch to allow water to run off them.  These roofs are generally used on industrial or commercial buildings.


  • The design is  conducive for installing PV solar panels for a more energy efficient and energy independent home.
  • Flat roofs are easier to construct than pitched roofs and require fewer building materials, keeping costs down.


  • The low pitch makes flat roofs more susceptible to water leakage. They are not advised for high rainfall or high snowfall areas.

Although the upfront cost of building a flat roof is less expensive than a pitched roof, they can be more expensive in the long run due to maintenance and ongoing roof repair and replacement costs.

So what have you decided? You may find that the local council may stipulate what style roof you have for your steel building.  Either pitched or mono sloped roofs can be insulated with composite cladding.

If you would like any guidance with this please do get in touch with us on 0800 328 5247.





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